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Emerging Chinese IR Theories 

This project aims to map out the diversity in Chinese International Relations(IR) Theories. It tries to capture the diverse worldviews of different people in the Chinese-speaking world. It especially pays attention to individual, regional and institutional differences. 

Different ontologies (what exists) and epistemologies (ways of knowing the world) of these theories are the main focus. The starting points of one's ontological and epistemological foundation shape one's theory of the world. 

Below are my reviews of some emerging Chinese IR theories. By no means, these theories are the only ones that exist in the Chinese-speaking world. I encourage you to look beyond the theories that get the most attention and explore the less known territories. You will be surprised. 

Moreover, my thinking about these theories evolve over time. My current thinking may or may not be the same on certain theoretical issues as when I wrote these reviews. Please stay tuned for my upcoming publications on these theories. 

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 My Reviews on  Chinese International Relations Theories by Xuetong Yan,  Yaqing Qin, Shiping Tang

Tingyang Zhao and Shih-Chi Yu


Yu's Balance of Relationships Theory


Zhao's Tianxia Theory 


Yan's Moral Realism

Qin's Relational Theory 


Tang's Social Evolution Theory


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