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Próximos eventos

  • Mental Health in Times of Uncertainty
    vie, 22 abr
    Open Discussion
    22 abr 2022, 14:00 GMT-4
    Open Discussion

Theoretical Debates on Asia Series 2020-2021 

Debating Capitalisms in Asia
Power Transition
Debating BRI
Debating Southeast Asia
Global IR poster

Friday IR Café 2021-Present

FRIIR1- Tianxia
FRIIR2-New Mediavalism. png
FRIIR4- Multiplicity
FRIIR 5 Wargaming
FRIIR 6 What is the West
FRIIRC7 -- SanFran
FRIIR 8 Negarchy
FRIIR 9 Celtic
FRIIR 10 Tianxia on Water
FRIIR11. Heterarchy
FRIIR12. Chinese Modernity
FRIIR 13 Germanic Tribes
FRIIR 15 Indian Modernity
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